The story behind Airshells

The story behind Airshells begins with a baggage handler in Copenhagen Airport and a good idea. When the handler saw the marks that handling and air transport could put on travellers’ buggies and strollers/prams, the idea of durable protection bags came to life.

The work of developing a lightweight, sturdy, and manageable protective bag began. Collaborations with leading specialists in the development of protective bags for various transport purposes were initiated, and a number of prototypes were tested, adapted, developed and then put into production.

Since the company was established in 2005 in Copenhagen, several models have been added, which means that today we can offer protective bags and flight cases for buggies, strollers/prams, twin-strollers, car seats, racing bikes, wheelchairs, walking aids, skis, or golf clubs. Our Airshells have been in the air for thousands of hours, and more than 250,000 travellers have used Airshells’ products over the past 15 years.

Over the years, we have started travelling to several airports outside of Denmark, and joined a number of collaborations, which means that we are now active in several airports with our own office or representative partners. The result of many years of experience has created growth, good relationships with partners, and cemented the company’s focus: providing products and a service that makes life easier for our customers.

We feel like we are making a difference. However, we are always open to feedback, so feel free to contact us at, or visit our Facebook-page, so we can make your travels with Airshells even better!

Happy travelling!