Terms and Conditions – Airshells.com

General terms of sale, delivery, and service (the “Terms”) apply to all agreements with Airshells Denmark, CVR-number 29137846, (the “Company”) service, rental, and delivery of the Company’s Products (“Product”) to the Customer.

The terms, along with the Company’s offers and order confirmations, constitute the entire agreement for the Company’s service, rental and delivery of the Product to the Customer (“Agreement”). The Customer’s purchasing conditions printed on orders or otherwise communicated to the Company, are not a part of the Agreement.

Changes and additions to the Agreement shall only apply if the parties have agreed to them in writing.

Upon making the reservation, the Customer accepts that the Company is entitled to take one week’s rental cost for the Product from the Customer’s credit card, for every commenced week - up to 5 weeks - that the Customer has not returned the Product. This is calculated from the time stated in the order confirmation, or from the time the Customer contacted the Company’s customer support. After the expiry of the stated 5-week period, ownership of the Product passes to the Customer. Within 24 hours of failing to return the Product, the Customer will receive a reminder by the Company. Another reminder of failing to return the Product will be given after 72 hours, after which the Company will charge for another week’s extra rental, if the Customer has not contacted the Company. Afterwards, the Company will remind the Customer at the beginning of every new week.

When booking a product on the Airshells booking page, a personal customer account will automatically be created in your name, linking your booking to you.

Procedure for renewing or adding a new credit card
If the debit card can no longer be used (e.g. due to expiration, blocked card etc.) and you want to continue your subscription, we must ask you to terminate the existing agreement with us and start a new agreement, with your new card.

Receipt for subscription
After booking an Airshell product, you will receive a confirmation receipt sent to the email address that you provided in the booking.

You are bound by the subscription until your return of the rented Airshell product is confirmed or any compensation claim is completed for non-returned Airshell products. If one of the two conditions is met, your subscription can be cancelled through your customer profile or by contacting service@airshells.com by email.

The price of the rented Product is the price stated on the Company’s current price list on the website Airshells.com at the time the Company confirms the Customer’s order, unless the parties have agreed otherwise in writing. Prices incl. taxes although the rental is VAT-free.

Terms of payment
Payment must be made according to the order confirmation. The payment must be delivered no later than the agreed on or due date stated in the invoice.

If the Customer does not pay before the deadline, the Company is entitled to charge penalty interest due to late payment. Interest on late payment is calculated at 2% per new month commenced.

Use of the Product during this period
The Company’s Product can only be used by the Customer stated on the order confirmation.

The Product may only be used for the transportation of strollers/prams, buggies, pushchairs, bikes, skis, golf equipment, car seats, and wheelchairs.

The Customer is not allowed to sublet the Product.

All online orders must be made no later than 25 hours before pickup, or in agreement with the Company’s customer support. In some cases, bookings can be made at time of departure at the given airport.

The Company delivers the Product within the time that appears in the Company’s order confirmation. If the Company expects a delay in the delivery of the Product, the Company will inform the Customer thereof, and at the same time inform them of the reason for the delay and the new expected delivery time.

Regardless of the abovementioned, the Customer’s reservation is not a guarantee that the product will be available at the stated time of collection. If the Product has not been returned from previous rental, transport by courier, or the Product is damaged, the Company is obliged to provide a new Product to the Customer without undue delay. As a general rule, the Company will be able to provide another Product to the Customer immediately.

The Company cannot be held liable for lost reservations, or for missing Products at pickup if this is due to circumstances for which the Company is not responsible.

The company has a wide selection of affiliated airports for storage and one-way travel. If the Customer has chosen storage of the Product at a destination airport, the Customer is responsible for being informed about the terms and conditions of pickup and/or drop off at the given destination. Information about this can be found on the Company’s website Airshells.com under ‘information’.

The Company is not responsible for changes in the airport’s opening hours, or the period during which the airport staff and Company’s business partners handle the delivery and return of the Product.

The Customer must inspect the Product upon collection. If the Customer discovers a flaw or defect, which the customer wishes to be noted, the Company must be notified of the flaw/defect in writing without undue delay, accompanied by appropriate documentation, as available on the Company’s website Airshells.com. If the Company is not notified in writing of any flaw/defect which the customer has discovered or should have discovered without undue delay, it cannot be claimed for later.

The Company's business partners at the collection point must be notified about complaints about the Product without undue delay.

Return of the Product after the end of the rental period must be made on the date stated in the order confirmation, and to the stated place of return, unless otherwise agreed with the Company’s customer support.

The Product has to be delivered in the same condition that it was in at the point of pick up, and cleaned for traces of wear. If cleaning is purchased, the bag will be cleaned by the Company’s employees or partners.

If the product is not delivered in the same condition at the specified delivery point and time, the Company reserves the right to make a claim for compensation from the Customer for the costs of repairing any damage, and defects or replacements of equivalent Product.

For reasons of insurance, the Company may, in the event of a failure to return the Product, be required to file a police report, unless otherwise agreed between the Customer and the Company’s customer support.

The rental period of the Product can be continuously extended by new agreement upon payment of an administration fee (subject to availability).

The rental period must be extended through the Company’s Service Centre on Airshells.com.

In case of late return, without a request for rental extension, the Company is entitled to charge a fee as well as the normal rental price until the product is returned. If the Customer has taken out insurance, there will also be an insurance fee per newly started rental period, until the Product is returned to the place of delivery stated on the order confirmation.

Damage to the Product during rental period
The Company reserves the right to make a claim against the Customer for the cost of repairing or replacement in the event of negligence, wilful damage, or disposal of the Product during the Customer’s rental period.

Limitation of liability
The Company’s liability for the Customer’s direct loss is limited to the amount invoiced by the Company for the rental of the Product. The Company’s compensation can never exceed this amount.

Regardless of any possible conflicting terms in the Agreement, the Company is not liable to the Customer for any indirect loss or consequential damages of any kind.

The Company is also not responsible for the Customer’s direct or indirect loss as a result of the Company’s business partners’ actions - and/or omissions - at the respective airports.

The Company is not responsible for the Customer’s direct and indirect losses due to flight cancellations, Rush baggage, airport crashes, and/or airport reductions in staffing during strike, cancellations, etc.

Product liability
In terms of product liability, the current rules in Danish law apply with the following modifications. To the extent that nothing else follows from mandatory legal rules, the Company is not liable for damage to property.

In addition, the company is under no circumstances liable for operating losses, lost profits, or other indirect financial loss incurred by corporate customers.

If the Company is liable for product liability to third parties, corporate customers are obliged to indemnify the Company to the same extent as the Company’s liability is limited in accordance with these provisions.

Corporate customers are also obliged to be admitted to the same court that deals with any possible claims for damages raised against the Company.

Force Majeure
Regardless of any possible conflicting terms in the Agreement, the Company is not liable to the Customer for non-fulfilment of obligations that can be attributed to force majeure. Freedom from responsibility exists as long as force majeure exists. Force majeure is considered to be circumstances which are beyond the control of the Company, and which the Company should not have foreseen at the conclusion of the agreement. Examples of force majeure are unusual natural conditions, war, terror, fire, flood, vandalism and labour disputes.

Damage to Customer’s belongings in transit
Only the Customer’s own property insurance covers damage/loss to the Customer’s goods and belongings during transportation.

The Company’s Product minimises the risk of damage during air transport, but the use of the Company’s Product is not a guarantee of or insurance against damage-free transportation of the Customer’s goods and belongings.

Cancellation insurance
A cancellation insurance allows you to cancel or change your reservation up to 24 hours before departure. It is your safety in the event of unforeseen circumstances that cause you to cancel your trip. 

Cancellation of a reservation of the Product can be made at any time up to 24 hours before the time of departure. The customer receives a refund of the rental payment, but a cancellation fee corresponding to 20% of the original rental payment is charged. Changing the reservation is free and can be changed to another date interval if stock is available within 12 months.

Reclamations about conditions relating to the Product that occur during the rental period must be received by the Company within 14 days of the Customer’s return.

The Company can charge a fee of DKK 80 if the Customer does not deliver the Product at Copenhagen Airport at the baggage carousel number 9 (in case of large luggage) before the Customer goes through customs on departure from Copenhagen Airport, as one of the Company’s employees must be called to handle the Product.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to contact the airlines regarding the rules for transportation and packing of buggies, prams, wheelchairs, bikes, etc.

At Check-in at other airports, the Customer must always follow the information given on the detailed delivery.

Rental of the Product “Bike case”
When the Customer rents the Company’s Product “Bike case”, the Customer can pick up the Product the day before departure if the Product is available. The Customer can drop off the Product the day after they return. The abovementioned must be arranged with the Company’s customer support on Airshells.com.

When Customers use vouchers or discount codes, the codes must be entered into the field “Voucher code” at the time of booking. After this, the Customer cannot use vouchers and/or discount codes.

All discounts and vouchers will be reset on December 31st.

Jurisdiction and choice of law
Any dispute that may occur in connection with the cooperation between the Company and a corporate customer must be settled by a Danish court under Danish law.

Personal data
The Company processes the Customer’s personal information in connections with reservations. For information regarding the Company’s processing of the Customer’s personal data, please refer to the Company’s privacy policy, which has been reviewed and accepted when making the reservation. The Company’s privacy policy can also be found on the Company’s website Airshells.com.