How to book

Booking an Airshell is simple.

Once you’ve found the Airshell you need, and have checked that the Airshell pick up and drop off times match your itinerary, you’re ready to book.

Select the desired Airshell and click ‘book now’.

Select return or one-way.

Select your departure airport from the dropdown-menu. If your departure airport is not on the dropdown-menu, it is unfortunately not possible to rent an Airshell from that specific airport.

Enter the date and the time you would like to pick up your Airshell, so it fits well with your departure time.

If you have selected one-way, select a destination from the dropdown-menu.

If your destination airport does not appear in the dropdown-menu, one-way booking with the option of dropping off your Airshell is unfortunately not possible for that destination.

nter the date expected drop-off time based on when you expect to land with your flight under ‘return’ and continue.

3. Fill in your personal information.

On the following page you can add:

a) Cleaning (recommended)

b) Pick-up and drop-off of the rented product 1-3 day(s) before/after your trip, depending on whether this fits with your itinerary. (Except Gothenburg Landvetter. At this airport, you need to drop-off your Airshell on arrival).

c) Storage at certain destinations during your stay.
If your destination does not appear on the dropdown-menu, we can unfortunately not offer storage at this destination. Therefore, you must bring your Airshell to the hotel or take it on your further journey.

5. You will get an overview of your order before reaching the payment page. Please check that all information (including your email address to which the order confirmation will be sent) has been entered correctly. Afterwards, read our business conditions, check off “I accept the business conditions”, and proceed to payment.

If you have a discount/voucher-code, insert this here.

Once your booking has been confirmed and you have paid, you will receive your order confirmation on the email address provided during booking.

If you subsequently wish to pick up/drop off your Airshell before or after your trip, this is also possible. Storage needs to be booked 24 hours before the trip at the latest. This is done by logging in and adding it to your existing order.