Storage in airports / one-way bookings

Airshells can be booked in the vast majority of Scandinavian and Spanish airports (look under Airports), and new airports are continuously added. Here’s what we offer, if you’re traveling to or from one of our airports:

1. Storage of your Airshell during your stay (must be purchased)

2. One-way booking of Airshell to your destination (except cases for racing bikes)

You can check and stay up-to-date on existing and new storage options and one-way booking, including times and places for Airshell drop-off under Airports.

If you can’t find your arrival airport among our airports, we unfortunately cannot offer you storage/drop off at this destination yet. You have to bring your Airshell to the hotel or with you on your further journey, and drop the rented Airshell off when you return.