How Airshells works

Wherever you’re traveling, you can book an Airshell for your roundtrip flight to all airports in Scandinavia. Furthermore, we offer storage options for your Airshell at certain destinations (look under “Airports”). For travel to these destinations, you can also book an Airshell one-way and drop it off at the airport.

Check the desk/office opening hours under Airports

Check if the opening hours for pick up/drop off of your Airshell match your itinerary.
You have the option to pick up/return your Airshell up to two days before and after your trip, if this suits you better. You can choose this option when booking.

Find your product under Products

Here’s a description of the different Airshells, including measurements, weight and extra information, as well as the option to proceed to booking.

Order confirmation

Once you have booked and paid for your Airshell at Airshells.com, you’ll receive an order confirmation at the email address that you have provided during booking.

Airshell pick up
Contact the drop-off point at the airport, which is our own office or business partner, and present your order confirmation or provide your booking number. You will receive your rented Airshell, be able to pack your product, and hand in your Airshell for check-in as odd-sized luggage.

Arrival at destination

You can take your Airshell along with you to the hotel or on any further journey once you have reached your destination.

Airshell drop off

Return your Airshell according to the time and place of your order confirmation when you return.

Contact us

If you're in a need of reaching out to us, do not hesitate to use the button in the right corner of the website to contact us, or to send us an email via service(a)airshells.com (Remember to replace (a) with @).

Note: It is not permitted to put other items in our Airshells than the products intended for the bag. Random sampling will be done. Failure to follow these instructions will result in an overweight charge from the airline.