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Hvordan laver man en bookning (Dette bliver nu oversat til dansk)

De eneste godkendte beskyttelsestasker til klap- og barnevogne

Afhentning -//- Collect the bag

Aflevering-//- Drop the bag

Pakning af Airshells

Brug af Airshells produkter hos andre flyselskaber

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Airshells oplevelsen

Hvordan laver man en bookning (Dette bliver nu oversat til dansk)

Easy steps to make a booking with Airshells.

We would like you to have a pleasant experience whilst making your booking with us so we suggest that you do the following to make this happen:

First you need to be informed:

1. Choose the country and language you would like to use.
Do this by selecting  your country on the right hand side of the webpage underneath the picture of the Service Centre lady.

2. Decide which protection item is ideal for you.
Do this by clicking on " Products" and you will see photos and measurements of each available product. Place your mouse over the photos to see each photo larger.

3. Would you like to store a bag at your arrival airport instead of taking it with you?
Do this by first choosing the web page of the country you are travelling to. Then click on "information" and under the section of  "Storage / Deliver the rented safety product"  - click to see all the airports available in that country and the agents opening hours.

Once decided -  Start to make a booking.

Do this by clicking on "booking".

1. Choose a product and click on "continue with the booking".

   In Airport & Destination section:
 a) Tick which type of booking you are making - return or one-way.
 b) Select which airport you are departing from the list available. If your airport is not on the list  

     this means Airshells has no service available there at present.
 c) Write in your destination airport. If you are making a one-way booking there will be a drop down

     list of airports to choose from. If your airport is not on the list this means Airshells has no service 

     available there at present.
 d) Write in the name of the company you booked with- airline or tour operator.

   In Departure section:
 a) Choose the date of your flight. In the time box the times are in 30 minute segments so choose

     the nearest time to your departure.
 b) Write in the flight number - Should you have more than one flight please put in here the first

     flight you are taking only. We need to know what time you are leaving so we can have your

      Airshell ready for your departure.
   In Return section:
 a) Choose the date of your flight. In the time box the times are in 30 minute segments so choose

     the nearest time to your arrival.Remember we need the landing time of your flight.

 b) Write in your return flight number.

  Enter your personal details:

If you have booked before, by just writing your email address or phone number in the box with the light bulb - you information will be recovered.

  a) Cleaning: Would you like a clean bag when you depart? Tick the box.
  b) Storage: When you tick that you would like the service, a drop down list of available airports 

      where storage is available will appear. Choose an airport.You must make sure that our Agents

      will be open when you land or depart before you choose this option.
  c) Would you like to collect the Airshells from 1-3 days earlier than your departure and/or deliver it

      back 1-3 days after your arrival? This can be arranged when you tick the boxes. If you do not

      change these boxes then your Airshells will be ready for collection  2.5 hours before your

      departure time on the day of your departure.
  Add here any message you would like to give us.


  Should you have a discount voucher code -  this is the place to use it.

  Click on continue with booking to move to the next page.

  2. Choose any further extras.

  3. Confirm and Pay:

  a) Check that all the details are correct before continuing - Especially your email.
  b) Tick the box agreeing to our Terms & Conditions.

  4. Follow the bank questions to pay by card.






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